Nothingness. Somethingness. Everythingness.

all the things I never say.

In this blog, you'll find a very personal pilgrimage and adventure in interdisciplinary science that includes the observer and her experience of the sacred.  It’s a quest to kiss infinity and reintroduce it to reality. A kind of Physics for Buddhists. The Birth of A New Science. Maybe. Hope you'll join me. 

The Exquisite Agony of Being Asked to Be Yourself

All these articles are intimate, quirky, personal. They’re about what it feels like to melt into space, live inside someone else’s mind & other unthinkable things that happen when you try to embody non-duality.

The Science of the Sacred

These posts invite you to look at science from a Buddhist point of view. That means using a non-dual framework to unbreak the world. It creates lots of questions about what everyone thinks they know & leads to naughty revisions in multiple dimensions.

BOdhisattvas in hiding

This column explores the original Buddhist texts young monks learn on their first 3-year retreat. They’re the basic thought-bricks we need to know, if we want to make a real interface between non-dual science, Buddhist meditation & daily life.

SCIENCE OF THE SACRED / sʌɪəns (ə)v ðə seɪkrɪd/


  1. Interdisciplinary research that intersects or combines any Spiritual Practise or Religious Art & Western Science.

  2. The combination of insights from deep mystical experience within a living religious tradition with Western Science.

  3. The use of Buddhist Technologies eg. meditation, mantras, mandalas or any other mind training to explain missing pieces in Western Science, not vice versa.